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Ben Plahtinsky, PA-C

Ben Plahtinsky, PA-C

Physician Assistant
Ben Plahtinsky is a certified physicians assistant with over 12 years of experience in orthopedic emergency medicine. Ben has also cared for Chattanooga area patients with all types of emergencies alongside multi-specialty physicians. Through his experience, he is equipped and experienced to handle many orthopedic conditions from injury to degenerative arthritis. He can help quickly diagnose you, treat you and help you create your care plan.

Beech Street




Regence Group (Bs-Wa, Bs-Id, Bcbs-Ut, Bcbs-Or)

Arthritic Joints

Bones and Joints

Fractures of Joints

Joint Pain

Strains of Joints

Strains of Joints

  • Orthopedics
  • Physician Assistant - Primary
  • Gender: Male
  • Undergraduate Degree: Kettering College of Medical Arts - 2004
  • English